Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, what's the story for USATF this Saturday?

Who's coming, going, walking, running, snapping, rolling and getting blitzed? It's not enough that we all know it's happening - we need to act like a TEAM, rally the troops, organize the ranks and get this thing moving around our athletes to ensure they perform well.

Parking is going to be "severely limited" and they will be instituting a shuttle service. Details can be found here:

I'm planning on driving up there and shooting the event.

But who else is planning to attend?

For the athletes, what would they like?

What will they need?

Do they need rides to the event?

How about their gear, their food, spouses, etc.?

So with that said - let the thread begin...

(For general information, look below)



KLIM said...

Thanks JARRIN.

I don't know if we "need" anything per se, support/screams are sufficient.

The men's race is at 2pm but I will likely arrive around 11am via metro and then bus. I PROPOSE THOSE RACING ARRIVE AT THE COURSE NO LATER THAN 12NOON (ie - get to SHADY GROVE at 11:30am). WE CAN WARM-UP AT 1:00PM FOR OUR 2:00PM RACE.

All - please wear whatever GRC garb you have.

Peter said...
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Peter said...

I'm getting there early. Some of the kids I coach are going to do the 4k race in the morning. I'm shooting (on HDV!) the races and plan on making the sickest running video of all time!

PR said...

I am going to need a hug and some reassuring words after this race. That's it.

Nietzche said...

Someone please bring a defibrillator, not for my heart though, for my ego.

I'd say we are going to have two main issues:

1) getting to the site from Shady Grove metro (it sounds like there is a shuttle?)

2) Some sort of base camp, I'm not sure that tiny little room they had open for the test race last fall will be big enough for everyone. Is anyone with a big car thinking of actually driving there and parking nearby who could supply a drop point for bags or as an emergency heat source.


KLIM said...

JARRIN - pls crash your giant SUV thru the gate and park it on or near the course so that we can sit in it pre-race.

JARRIN said...

Consider it done.


PS: In all seriousness, I will be driving my car there so everyone's welcome to use it as necessary. However, timing is everything and since I'm unfamiliar with the event, let me know what time you guys think I should get there to get a primo spot. OR - maybe park it the night before...? Who else, if anyone, is driving?

Unknown said...

Not sure how I'm getting there yet. A drop point for sweats and stuff would be good. Getting excited, it's gonna be huge!

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

Hey, I'm planning to head up for the race. I'm going to be there earlier for the women's race, as well, since Caroline is running with the air force team.

KLIM said...

In all seriousness, if "Gentleman" JARRIN wants to drive he should get there super early. But I am not even sure if they'll let you get in. I think the site says that parking is limited...but not neccessarily prohibited.

RM said...

I think there is some mention of how parking is only for meet officials...I feel like I read that somewhere but could be wrong. Either way, since the first race is like 9:30, if one wanted a chance at parking, one would have to get there, as Jake put it, super early

JARRIN said...

7am it is!! If anyone wants to catch an early ride - let me know.

I'll pick up some food stuffs and keep them in the car all day. Maybe a few cases of water too and some Gatorade. And trash bags. What else would be helpful?

This is exciting...reminds me of Eugene.


smoney said...

I plan to go to support/scream as Jake requests and can assist as needed.

LTO said...

I will also be arriving via metro/shuttle after my morning long run. Probably will get there around 12.

I can guard sweats, yell really loud, etc. for all those who are racing. E-mail me or call my cell if you need me to be anywhere at a specific time. Otherwise I will look for the GRC base camp.


P Murph said...

I could use a stiff drink after the race, regardless of how it goes. It would be greatly appreciated if someonecould have it ready at the end of the chute.

KLIM said...

Make that two...and make mine a double.

JARRIN said...

Alright; that's what I'm talking about!

GRC BASE CAMP will have water, COLD GATORADE and BEER for those of you who are 21 or over.*


(All applicable state and local laws, rules and regulations apply; JARRIN assumes no risk or liability)... ;)

Diego said...

Ill be there supporting the cause. Apart from my singlet if someone needs my spikes, shorts or even my competition socks please tell me. Well... the socks are sacred, but ill bring my spikes in case someone wants them.

christiam said...

I'll be there and will help set up camp GRC, I can drive if need be.