Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am looking for a few brave souls to do a long run on sunday with. I want to run for 2hrs and 5 minutes. maybe an extended version of the zoo loop or something over by the store? I am flexible. Only deal is I need to be at work by noon and thus, need to start around 8:15 or so. I will see if I can Wilson out.

this will be a progression run with some surges and down time. this will not be a death run ala chris bain a few weeks ago but something with some challenge.

the legs feel ok and I am strong. however, things are tight. tight/loose/tight and loose is the way I want to manage them on the run.


PR said...

Sorry man...8:15 is too early for us young folks.

However, P.Murphy, Klim, and I are planning to run at 10:00 in Greenbelt Park, if you can shift your schedule around or if anyone else is interested.

Justin McCarthy said...

I'm all up for an 8:15 run from the store. I'm busy this coming Sunday myself, so count me in.

Justin McCarthy said...

We can do the Arlington bike path loop. It's just an idea.