Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heart Rate Training Seminar Next Weekend

Most of us run on perceived effort and when racing we're not thinking "pooper, I'm in zone 4.95 I better slow down." All the heart rate stuff is more for the easy days, as Max says to enjoy the birds and flowers and Telletubbies..."

We don't get faster or fitter on the days we crush it. Improvement comes during your rest after the days when you run hard.

Most of this stuff you can find on the internet, but if you're interested there's a seminar near AU this Saturday.

Subject: VO2 Testing & Heart Rate Zone Training Seminar
Date & Time: Saturday, February 28th, 2-3pm
Location: Tidal Elite Performance Center, 4123 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Cost: Free, and refreshments will be served
Seminar Topics:
  • VO2/Metabolic Testing and its value for athletes
  • The utilization of HR-based zone training
  • How increased efficiency can improve pace, endurance, and overall performance
  • How metabolic testing along with HR training can prevent "overtraining" and injuries


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting. I'm going to try to check this out.

P Murph said...

Speaking of VO2 max, check out this article in the NYT about altitude trail runner Matt Carpenter. His VO2 max is 90.2, second only to famed Norwegian XC skier Bjorn Daehlie and far above Lance Armstrong's 81.