Tuesday, February 24, 2009

run on sun

i notice that the chevy chase store is mentioned as the place for the sunday run at 10am. Please provide some context. Is this the regular killer sunday run where people run until they die or is this for all comers, etc? also, are people planning on opening the store and if so, with what key,by whom, etc.

Jake mentioned something to me on the phone but my memory is not retaining the details.

Just keep me in the loop.




Matias said...

CRUSH IT! Stress, stress, recover, repeat. Turn those mitochondria into powerhouses!

KLIM said...

I won't be "killing it" on Sunday.

Doesn't the store open at 10am?

Unknown said...

Today is a big day, as it is my first time ever posting to the blog. I've just been stalking all of you until this moment.

Is this run open to the public? I am writing the March newsletter and mentioned this run. Should I leave it out if it is going to be hardcore?

Also, would anyone mind if I posted the Running & Nutrition workshop this Saturday at GRC?

KLIM said...

Yes, this run and every run is open to the public. Anyone can attend and we always hope more do. There are always different paces for the long runs. We usually always start out easy and together. Naturally, the crew will splinter a bit. But the more the merrier.

Post-race food at Panera Bread.

Re: Running and Nutrition, please post away!