Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What I love most about running is its simple, basic and raw.

This AM i woke up to phones ringing, e-mails, complaints, neighbors, barking dogs and more. I was a little overwhelmed and there were too many thoughts flowing through the brain and I said enough!

I looked into the corner and spied my red shorts and an old pair of Brooks and said "its time to go" Soon I was out the door and into the wind and snow. I had no idea what the weather would be like before heading out and did not care.

The wind was hitting me square in the face and I ran harder. I ran right into Rock creek park where I attacked snow covered hills with reckless abandon.

I ran and ran and jogged and moved and grooved. Soon, I found myself confronted by a pack of deer. There must have been 5 of them. How beautiful and serene I thought to myself.

I spent 11 years working for the National Park Service. Now I know why. Its one of the best treasures this country has going for it. It protects what is best which is RAW AND SIMPLE BEAUTY.

Somehow I ended up running home. I felt good and refreshed.

Bring on the day

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