Monday, April 4, 2011

GRC Wins CB Team Challenge


1. Georgetown Running Company

50:06 50:45 50:55 ( 51:34) ( 51:40) = 2:31:46
Karl Dusen, Sam Luff, Jerry Greenlaw, Joe Wiegner, Dirk De Heer

2. Pacers Racing Team

50:25 51:16 55:33 (1:03:43) = 2:37:14
Bert Rodriguez, Michael Wardian, Billy Askey, David Stroupe

3. PRR Male Elite

52:28 52:54 55:20 (1:01:49) = 2:40:42
Adam Condit, Christopher Sloane, Andrew Ciarfalia, Selemon Getachew

4. Howard County Striders Elite

53:23 54:35 54:48 ( 58:46) = 2:42:46
Carlos Renjifo, Andrew Madison, Mark Buschman, Randy McDermott

Some of the $1,000 will be used to fund these elite runners' travel to Grandma's Half Marathon in Duluth, MN this summer for their attempt to secure Olympic Trials qualifiers.


Jake Marren said...


Michelle M said...

Congratulations guys, solid work.

P Murph said...

Great races guys! Crazy inflatable waving arm men for everyone!

Andy said...

Billy was a Pacer????? April 3rd Fools?

KLIM said...

Yes, I was wondering about this too. And Wardian. Although the latter has previous ties to the Store, Billy must have been brainwashed.

P Murph said...

Billy had to join their team as a condition for staying at Bert's this past weekend.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

how come we didn't have an elite team for our ladies?

Peter said...

Jake, I saw Bert take out a deck of cards and show Billy a Queen of Diamonds prior to the race.

Unknown said...

Yes. It's true indeed. I asked Billy if he would run for Pacers as a condition of staying with Susan and I for two nights. After first disagreeing and finding our front door slammed in his face, I believe Sarah talked some sense into his normally thick cranium and he ended up taking me up on the reasonable offer. So there it is, a few nights of shelter traded for a lifetime of loyalty to the Pacers Racing Team!! At least I think that's the way it all unfolded. By the way I'm going to destroy Karl in Big Buck Hunter.

Matias said...

Speaking of Bert and the evil PACERS, all-time team times at CB10M

2007 PACERS (2:30:09)
Patrick MacAdie M, Steven Crane M, Edmund Burke M, Brian Baillie M, Bert Rodriguez M

2011 GRC (2:31:46)
Karl Dusen, Sam Luff, Jerry Greenlaw, Joe Wiegner, Dirk De Heer

2008 PACERS (2:32:50)
Steven Crane M, Robert Wade M, Nathan Carlson M, Michael Wardian M

Matias said...

Int'l breakdown for 2011

1. Kenya
45:41 46:30 46:52 (47:30) (47:32) = 2:19:03
Allan Kiprono, Lani Kiplagat, Macdonard Ondara, Stephen Muange, Simon Cheprot

2. Ethiopia
45:36 46:53 47:56 (47:58) (48:03) = 2:20:25
Lelisa Desisa, Tesfaye Sendeku, Girma Tola, Ezkyas Sisay, Tesfaye Assefa

3. United States
48:26 48:39 49:56 (50:06) (50:25) = 2:27:01
Lucas Meyer, David Nightingale, Augustus Maiyo, Karl Dusen, Bert Rodriguez

Karl D. said...

Nice try Bert. You couldn't take us down even with your ringers. We raced with guys who all run together multiple days a week. The GRC victory over Pacers will be happen again when we compete at Big Buck Hunter. Your ringers can't help you there either.

Billy said...

Congrats GRC - that was an impressive performance!

Bert's cranium is clearly thicker - who else would go to the Navy when he wanted to fly? Anyway, I ran for them because he agreed to come to the good side in the near future.

Unknown said... guys ran a lights out race. But don't even get me started on ringers I heard all the talk of trying to put Nightingale on the team 10 days out from competition.

Charlie Ban said...

I think any talk of ringers has to touch on PR using Tim Young last year while he was working at VA Runner.

Karl D. said...

No need to argue about this because he didn't run for us, but Dave trains with us, and is more of a GRC member than the guys you used. I am just kidding around though, I don't hold it against you guys. As far as you're concerned though Bert, I think the old saying holds true regarding this outcome: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I hope to run with you a lot more!

KLIM said...

The 2007 Pacers team was legit - 3 x 50:00.