Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saturday Runs

There are a few options for running with the team this Saturday:
  1. Georgetown Store, 9am: 8-10 mile maintenance run.
  2. BCCHS, 9am: Workout with Coach Jerry.  Meet to warm up at 9, and be ready to start the workout by 9:45. Update:  There will be two workouts: a 4-5 mile tempo and 800m repeats.
  3. George Mason Spring Invitational: Update: Schedule of Events... the good events start after 6pm.  You bet your ass Sam will absolutely (not) be racing.


Sam L said...

I will be partaking in Jerry's tempo-type workout at BCC. I will most decidedly NOT be racing at GMU, however I will be there to cheer on Charlie and young Thomas Luff of the noble Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions.

RM said...

Word on the street is a special guest will be at the Mason meet, so if you're running the 1500 be ready to race!

KLIM said...

Alan Webb

RM said...

Thanks for ruining the surprise, Jake.

Of course, it might be well known, if I knew how to work the internet outside of your blog and our blog, I'd probably have seen it online.

Jake Marren said...

Who is headed to Saturday at the Store? Looking for an easy 12-14 miles.