Sunday, April 17, 2011



ROCKVILLE, Md -- The Georgetown Running Company had a fantastic showing this morning at the highly competitive Pike's Peek 10k on Rockville Pike. A strong tail wind and near-perfect racing conditions made this year's race the fastest in recent memory. The course record was smashed when Chapel Hill area Kenyan Julius Kogo ran 28:06.

"Twinbrook" Joey Wiegner teared through mile 1 in 4:38 and never looked back. Although attempting to run 30:30, Wiegner, who hit 5k in 15:11, still set a personal best with a time of 30:40. The Beastman, Dirk de Heer (31:01), wasn't far behind his teammate after hitting the halfway mark in 15:16. Dave Burnham, who is getting faster by the week, was just a few seconds back in 31:13.

Dickson Mercer broke through a series of frustrating weeks and notched personal best of 31:38. The Chicken Tender Runner bested his pre-race goal of 32:20 running alongside Dave Wertz. Patrick Murphy also had his best race in awhile after recording a time of 32:26. Frank bests his 10k my one minute.

Masters runner Jordan Snyder dipped under the 34:00 mark with a 33:52. He finished 4th in 40+.

Michelle Miller led the women with a time of 35:40.Susan Hendrick was next up at 37:07, just a ahead of teammate Beth Young in 37:30. Emily Dusen has returned from maternity leave and mustered up 6:09s for a 38:11.

MORE: Wilson Komen, now running for Reebok, ran 30:18 just ahead of marathon man Michale Wardian (who PR'd today by 15+ seconds). Benedict Sloane ran an extremely impressive 31:24 - perhaps the race of his life.

WIGGY - 30:40 PR!
DIRK - 31:01
BURNHAM - 31:13
DICKSON - 31:38
WERTZ - 32:03 PR!
TENDER - 32:16 PR!
MURPHY - 32:26
JORDAN - 33:52
FUNG - 36:52

MILLER - 35:30
HENDRICK - 37:07
YOUNG - 37:30
DUSEN - 38:11

BOSTON, Mass ---

Ban runs 16:00 at B.A.A. 5k in nasty conditions.

"Perfect" conditions, including a 20mph tailwind, predicted for Boston tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Wow fast times! Awesome job guys!

RM said...

Truly awesome day to race this particular event.

World Record tomorrow for Boston? Wouldn't be surprised if they have the winds like that!

Andy said...

Is that a purse you're carrying there, Wiggy?