Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sam Luff, Joe Wiegner (5k) and Ryan Hanson (1500) are headed to Princeton Friday for the Larry Ellis Invitational. The first 5k heat promises to be a scorcher, courtesy of a rabbit.

Saturday morning workout-
I am bird sitting for a friend who lives in Bethesda Saturday, so I'll be doing a workout that morning at BCC, if anyone wants to join me. It's the Four Mile Special, and it is as such: mile hard
2.400 recovery, the pace one minute per mile slower than the preceding mile.
3.repeat twice
4.all out 400
I will be warming up at 9:30 am. Comment if I should wait for you.

Jake will be running 14-15 from the store.

UPDATE: Luff's turn to turn heads...Hanson wants redemption...DEVELOPING...

RESULTS will be flashed on GRC blog circa 9pm on Friday.


Section 1 of 5 Finals
1 Nightingale, David Unattached
2 Smith, Max Puma Philli
3 Kaulbach, Max Princeton
4 Corcoran, Paul Columbia
5 Gibson, Robert Boston U.
6 Martin, Brendan Columbia
7 Escareno, Christian Brown
8 Poland, Tom Columbia
9 McKeeman, Michael Bryn Mawr Ru
10 Bloomberg, Evan Georgetown
11 Frankin, Michael Princeton
12 Murray, Kyle Unattached
13 Meyer, Lucas Boston Athle
14 Schmidt, Michael Middlebury
15 Weeks, Steven Syracuse
16 Murphy, Mike Columbia
17 Composto, Nico Columbia
18 Keefe, Sean Syracuse
19 Hackett, Everett Unattached
20 McDonnell, Kevin St. Joseph's
21 Edelman, Nate Cornell
22 Bendtsen, Chris Princeton
23 Rome, Cody Navy
24 Veiga, Jeff Umass Lowell
25 Luff, Sam Georgetown R
26 Medrano, Tito Syracuse
27 Veilleux, Ben Columbia
28 Koloseus, Jay Syracuse
29 Lowry, Dan Brown
30 Dusen, Karl Georgetown R
31 Rop, Glarius American Int
32 Quinn, Tim Richmond
33 Ryan, Nick Northeastern
34 Snyder, Paul Columbia

Section 3 of 5 Finals...(Event 8 Men 5000 Meter Run)
1 Polito, Steve Stonehill
2 Posch, Billy Marist
3 Arbuckle, Luke Unattached
4 Johnson, Kevin Umass Amhers
5 Murner, Dan New Balance
6 McGee, Brandan UMBC
7 Sanderson, Tom Columbia
8 Pyle, Nick Unattached
9 Laemel, Ryan Yale
10 Burmeister, Taylor Unattached
11 Marcello, Richard Sacred Heart
12 Pickhaver, John Villanova
13 Palmer, Will Williams
14 Lipari, Tom Marist
15 Thwaites, Matt Yale
16 Wiegner, Joe Georgetown R
17 Kenworthy, John Cptc New Bal
18 Rowe, Garrett Princeton
19 Miehe, Nick Rutgers
20 Lindner, Michael Unat-Rider
21 Becker, Brady Syracuse
22 Houghmaster, Steve Buffalo
23 Johnson, David Umass Amhers
24 Moss, Joel Marist
25 Summers, Dylan Dartmouth
26 Donohue, Sean Rider
27 Hagen, Jacob Buffalo
28 Penetar, Eddie Temple
29 Rand, Matt Tufts
30 Rolek, Michael Marist Alumn
31 Walshak, Ken Marist
32 Wilson, Jon Richmond
33 Santana, Alfredo La Salle
34 Pannulla, Thomas La Salle

Section 4 of 7 Finals
1 Rushing, David George Mason
2 Schurz, Anthony Brown
3 Hanson, Ryan Georgetown R
4 Wang, Daniel Umass Lowell
5 Zillmann, Ryan Buffalo
6 Gentsch, Joe New Paltz St
7 Yochum, Will Amherst
8 Chylak, Matt Penn
9 Lloyd, Macky College of S
10 Arnold, Eric Haverford
11 McDonald, Eric Umass Lowell
12 Casey, Matt Columbia
13 Mallon, Sean La Salle
14 Perozze, Vince Unattached
15 Cooper, Kevin Brown


KLIM said...

I'll be running from the Store...trying to run long-ish. Like 14-15. Any takers?

Andy said...

I'll be at the store too. 10-12mi i'm thinking.

Paul Guevara said...

I'll see you guys at the store as well. 14-15 sounds great