Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Rest for the Weary


From Coach Jerry:

"It was a great day for GRC on Sunday. Like a kid on Christmas morning who gets 20 new toys all at once, it's impossible for me to fully appreciate each of the excellent performances that I saw yesterday, so please forgive any omissions in my analysis. Starting with the women, we had 3 huge PRs. Michelle looked spectacular out there--a top 10 finish at Cherry Blossom is truly a monumental accomplishment! And Lindsey and Beth also ran extremely well and there's every reason to expect further breakthroughs this spring. For the men, there were so many great performances it's hard to know where to start. Karl is clearly back in shape, and based on what he did yesterday and the rapid improvement he's making, I am very optimistic about his chances to qualify for the trials at Grandmas. Sam and Jerry both had big breakthroughs yesterday that bode well for great seasons. Sam is looking at track PRs in the 5k and 10k, and Jerry is going to ready to do something special at the USATF 25k champs. Wiggy did not have his best day, but considering the problems he's had the last few weeks, it was an excellent performance, with much faster times to come soon. Dirk said to me after the race that he felt pretty good about his race considering he's only running 25 miles a week. For most runners, 51:40 is a career performance, so I'm inclined to agree that it was pretty darn impressive based on what Dirk has been doing. Matias and Andy also ran extremely well for guys who have not focused their training on running. Perhaps everyone should spend their time on the bike and in the pool--it sure seems like it's working for those guys! I was very excited about Dave Burnham's race--Dave is working his way back to race fitness, and his progress in the last few months has been fantastic. I'm also extremely excited about Paul's run--for a guy who has not done any quality work, and who until a few weeks ago he had not run on dry land for a couple of months, it was an amazing performance. I was also very pleased with Dave Wertz's run. A year ago Dave would have been thrilled to run 5 miles at that pace. And finally I was quite impressed with Jordan's performance. Considering that a few weeks ago he was ready to get surgery for a nagging injury, that was an outstanding run. Well done to all!

We're back at BCC this week (and for the next 2 weeks after this). We can roll at 7:15 as normal. Note that there is a track meet in the afternoon, so it's possible that we may have to delay the start a bit until the track is clear, but I expect we'll be fine to start on time. As for the workout, we'll do a 6-5-4-3-2-1 ladder, fairly relaxed, as everyone needs to go a little light to recover from the race. The A group will shoot for 75s on the 6, 74s on the 5, 73s on the 4, 72s on the 3, 70s on the 2, and 68 on the 1. The B group will shoot for 79s on the 6, 78s on the 5, 77s on the 4, 76s on the 3, 74s on the 2, and 72 on the 1.

I'll see everyone at BCC on Wednesday."

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