Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FD8K Blitz this Saturday


As most of you are aware, our team's big fund raiser of the year - the Father's Day 8K - is coming up soon.   Since the funds from this race go towards team gear, travel to out-of-town races, race entries, and other team operating expenses we all benefit from, it is imperative that everyone chip in.  Several of us have worked diligently over the past few months to set up the infrastructure for this year's race, and now we're ready to publicize the race and solicit sponsorships.  Please plan to attend a team meeting after the Saturday store run (9am at the Georgetown Store) where we will fill you in on details about the race and coordinate publicity and sponsorship outreach.  Please plan to meet at Dean and Deluca's at 10:45.

From Jerry Outlaw:  Saturday morning I will be working out doing a cut down long run. The workout is going to go 11-12 miles at comfortable running starting, to about medium effort(low 6s) then running from the capital crescent doing 5 miles (from 5-10) back getting hopefully down to a little faster than goal 25k pace. Hopefully looking like this 5:15-5:10-5:10-5:05-5:05 or around that. then cool down an easy mile or two. I plan to start this at 8AM from the store if anyone is interested post up.


Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Jerry, I'll come help you tour around G'town businesses for sponsorship. Let me know more about it later.

KLIM said...

Thanks Patrick. Yes! We need everyone's help promoting this race and getting the word out.

More, specific, direction to come on Saturday.