Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chicago Massacre

Latest from the Crew

The team is pretty beat up... It got pretty hot out there in the sun the last third of the race.

Reaves: hit the bathroom at mile 14, never really recovered.

Dix: dropped out after 20.
Cotterell: 10 MINUTE PR! Race of the day. Ran with PMurph from ~8 mile through 20.
Murphy: Ran moderately aggressive, slowed down in the heat after mile 20. Hit about the time I thought I could do, generally happy.
Hughes: debuts in sub 2:50.
Charlie and Sloane: blew up, not happy
Dylan: seemed fine with his race.
Ernst: DNF


Paul Guevara said...
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Paul Guevara said...

Way to fight through less than ideal conditions everyone. I know not the best of results, but we've got some good racing ahead of us this winter and spring.

Mike...hell of a race, congrats!

Now, just go enjoy some pizza

Peter said...


KLIM said...

Yes, that there be dick.

Andy said...

Despite the blowups/slowdowns/bathroom breaks, those are still some very strong times!! Shows how well trained and in good shape everyone is.

And congrats Mike, that's an epic PR.

Neal said...

Congrats on the massive PR Mike.

JARRIN said...

Hey guys, still a stellar race given the heat. I'm sorry it ended up being less than ideal but THERE WILL BE OTHERS.


Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Agree with all-that-above. Good job everyone!

Joe Wiggy said...

It was tough conditions out there from what I have been told.. I congratulate you all for toughing it out. Mike, great work on the PR dude in not ideal conditions! Get some much needed rest for the next few weeks and be ready to go back at it fresh not only in the body but more importantly in the mind!

PR said...

Post-race analysis...

Total number of top 100 men in the to negative split the course yesterday: 0.