Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marine Corps Results UPDATED

Washington at Dawn.  Ideal conditions out there this morning.

GRC Leaderboard:

Dave Burnham:  2:45:34
Jim Daly: 2:48:55
Ian Hankins:  2:49:15 *UPDATED*
Matt Ernst: 3:08:13
Lauren Gabler:  3:35:20


YF said...

what about ban?

ihankins said...

first 22 miles awesome, last 2 death march, finish almost death, thanks guy the support was amazing out there, definitely gave a home field advantage. You guys cheering/biking along side me in the lonely marathon was a huge help, now walking that is a challenge

Jimmy Daly said...

the GRC support team was awesome. thanks guys!

KLIM said...

Great debuts guys.

Jimmy - hell of a smart race, so it seemed.

The last 3-4 miles of a marathon is an out of body experience...unless you're Marathon Paul.

ihankins said...

I figured when I saw Marathon Paul and he said 10k to go this is your time when I was still in the top 25, I went then the going got tough, I'm pleased with my debut, now I know what to work on. Great job GRC, now its time to recover.

ihankins said...

they fixed the times fyi

Charlie Ban said...

I'm alive

Towpath said...

Good work guys!