Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marine Corps Results UPDATED

Washington at Dawn.  Ideal conditions out there this morning.

GRC Leaderboard:

Dave Burnham:  2:45:34
Jim Daly: 2:48:55
Ian Hankins:  2:49:15 *UPDATED*
Matt Ernst: 3:08:13
Lauren Gabler:  3:35:20


Ancient Chinese Secret said...

what about ban?

Ian Hankins said...

first 22 miles awesome, last 2 death march, finish almost death, thanks guy the support was amazing out there, definitely gave a home field advantage. You guys cheering/biking along side me in the lonely marathon was a huge help, now walking that is a challenge

Unknown said...

the GRC support team was awesome. thanks guys!

KLIM said...

Great debuts guys.

Jimmy - hell of a smart race, so it seemed.

The last 3-4 miles of a marathon is an out of body experience...unless you're Marathon Paul.

Ian Hankins said...

I figured when I saw Marathon Paul and he said 10k to go this is your time when I was still in the top 25, I went then the going got tough, I'm pleased with my debut, now I know what to work on. Great job GRC, now its time to recover.

Ian Hankins said...

they fixed the times fyi

Charlie Ban said...

I'm alive

Peter said...

Good work guys!