Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's all about Chicago now!

GRC is sending a dozen of its finest (including two ex pats) to beat the streets in the Windy City. This is by far the largest team ever assembled for an “away” race. Most will depart for the Midwest tomorrow so here is to them!

I will be monitoring the race from the GRC mobile news desk (in New Hampshire) and will post breaking news and results as they become available. Check back on Sunday for all the latest.

Good luck guys (and gal)!

Dickson Mercer
Chris Bain
Patrick Murphy
Charlie Ban
Matt Ernst
Mike Cotterell
Robert Jarrin
Patrick Hughes
Scott Koonce
Patrick Reaves (GRC EX PAT)
Dylan Keith (GRC EX PAT)
Shannon O’Neill


christiam said...

I'll be there also (not running this time), but will certainly be cheering for you all! Good luck everyone!

P Murph said...

Don't forget about "Friends of GRC" Billy Askey and Chris Sloane! Mrs. Jarrin will be running as well :)

GRC should open a store in the Windy City...

Paul Guevara said...

An additional friend is my gracias host from last weekend, Brittany Hubbard.

Get after it out there everyone! I'll be watching and routing you on.

Andy said...

Accept the challenge and smash it! I know Uncle Buttweenis will.

Ian Hankins said...

Good Luck guys, DC has hills the capital crescent is downhill in one direction and uphill in the other, Chicago however is flat as a pancake you guys will rock