Monday, October 25, 2010

Store Owner Gene Mitchell's ATM Report

The Army Ten Miler was the usual pomp and circumstance as it is always, and I loved every minute of it! I had a first coral start number of 466 so was able to get into corral number 1. Of course I was late and scurrying to the start as the awesome Army helicopters were flying over head. I did have to stop though, take my hat off and cover my heart in respect to the national anthem being played. The honor due to our armed forces absolutely must be respected. These men and women are the back bone of our country ad above anything today it was an in honor of our armed forces that I had run.

The cannons boom is still shocking as the first time I ran no matter how I prepare. This does always celebrate an overaggressive start and first mile in this Army Ten Miler. After settling in I just tried to maintain my 5:30 goal pace. Rather than bore you with every turn I will just tell you that I slowed between miles 7-8 for no other reason than feeling like I should be content to maintain my pace through 7 miles. Turning onto the bridge I went for it and it hurt. The terrain was up hill at a time when this was the last thing any runner would want to face. I got to 9 miles at 49:27 and thought I had a chance to get to 55 minutes…or may be under. After an uphill I ran with an Army compatriot who helped both of us get to under 55:00 minutes. I finished in 54:42 (unofficial).

What a great day, great event for a great cause. Honor our military.

Gene Mitchell

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