Sunday, October 10, 2010


Patrick Reaves - 2:36:33
Mike Cotterell - 2:37:36 PR!!
Patrick Murphy - 2:42:52
Patrick Hughes - 2:49:42
Charlie Ban - 2:50:04

Confirmed: Dix drops out

Editor Update: laptop dying, end of post...if some can, please post remaining results in bed of post or in comments. Red Fox out --


Matias said...

"Performance may be influenced tremendously by temperature. As air temperature rises, the combination of environmental heat and increased body heat from exercise may result in bad effects ranging from decreased performance to death.

"There is a progressive slowing of marathon performance as the temperature increases from 5 to 25°C.

41 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

Peter said...

Congrats on the PR Mike!

2FNslo said...

Great racing, everyone.