Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Veterans Day 10k

Who is in?
  We could have a decent team, even without a big part of our team recovering from Chicago or getting ready to run marine corp.

Team scoring:
The first five runners on each team score with at least one man and one woman in the first five.
 Lets try to figure out who is in, and we can try working on entries...



Andy said...

I have been waiting a long time for this race!! CTR is in.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Ryan (the one who just graduated from Allegheny). It was great meeting some of you guys Sunday. Do you know what you guys are doing for a workout tomorrow--I would like to hop in. Also, if anyone is running tonight after 4? I'd like to meet up if possible. Let me know. Take it easy


Paul Guevara said...

Wiggy, I might be in, depends on a race I'm debating the weekend before. Good topic for this saturday though

Joe Wiggy said...

Nice! sounds good... We can try getting more on board this weekend... so we can get our team submitted.

Andy said...

We could have a very strong team this year!