Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saturday at The Gtown Store

I am meeting some folks for the standard Store run on Saturday (8:30am). This is my first Saturday run back so I am going to take it slow and easy - an out-and-back on the Towpath. I suspect others will be running an hour or 9-12 miles. The real reason I'm going is because I miss eating Mimi's egg sandwiches after the run.

As Patrick noted, we're also meeting at the store on Sunday morning too. I too encourage all those who don the GRC emblem to come to the Store and support those running the 'thon.


mhp said...

Looking forward to meeting everyone. -michael

P Murph said...

I wish I could be there on Saturday, but I'll see you all on Sunday! Go GRC!

Jerry Greenlaw said...

I'll be there Sat AM