Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GRC Cheerleading Tryouts @ MCM

As we mentioned at the meeting last Saturday, we should make a group effort to cheer for our teammates at MCM this Sunday.  The store does not need our help anymore on Sunday morning, so we're free to run around the course and cheer from several locations.  Here's what I'm proposing as both our Sunday run AND a way to cheer on our teammates at SEVEN different locations on the course:

7:45:  Meet at the Georgetown Store.  Give yourself extra time to deal with traffic and parking.
7:55:  Run from the store across the Key Bridge to see the runners go by at mile 1.
8:00:  Cannons go off to start MCM
8:10:  Run back to store to see the race go by at miles 4.5 and 8.5.
9:00:  Begin run from the store.  If you're joining us late, please try to get to the store by 8:30.  Traffic will only get worse as the race goes on.

From there we'll run to see our teammates run by at miles 15.5, 17, 19.5, and the finish.  The total run is 7 miles, but you can add on easily while we wait for everyone, or take out the first mile and only do 6 total. 

Here is a map of the proposed route (click picture for larger image):

And here is a link to a course map.

GRC MCM Team Roster:

Charlie Ban
Dave Burnham
Jim Daly
Lauren Gabler
Ian Hankins


Unknown said...

Cute idea!! Can't wait to see you guys!!

KLIM said...

Cant wait to see YOU!

Charlie Ban said...

It will be great having whatever support we can get.

Very cute indeed.

I'll tell you a funny story about the word "cute." I spent a stormy afternoon in Hilton Head during the summer 1996 watching movies on tv. My mom popped her head in to ask what I was watching. I replied "Milk Money," a film featuring Ed Harris as a widower whose son buys him a prostitute (Melanie Griffith) in an effort to help him ease his loneliness. My mom replies "oh, that's a cute movie."
I respond incredulously "cute? it's about a prostitute!?!?"
To this day, if she uses the word cute, I ask if whatever she is describing as cute is a prostitute.

Carry on...

Anonymous said...

so, Lauren said, 'Prostitute ideal!! Can't wait to see you guys!!'

Ian Hankins said...

All the support we can get will really help us remember that this is our pavement to protect


Unknown said...

Hahaha...Prostitution can be considered "cute" in some circles. This may be one of them.

See you on Sunday!

KLIM said...

That is a solid team.

But, as Yoda once said: "there is another..."

Andy said...

Who, Puddy?? Mittens?

Peter said...

Patience, Padawan Tender. All will be revealed in time...

KLIM said...

Tender - Jordan is your father.

Andy said...

No. No. That's not true. That's impossible!