Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chicago and Training Times

I've met many of you, but others I still haven't gotten a chance to run with yet. After a three month stint with IT issues - I've been running for about a month now and loving getting fit again. I'm a high school teacher and coach, so my schedule is busy, but I'm really looking forward to training at a high level again. At 26, I miss running personal bests and want to put up a strong marathon time. I do travel many weekends to North Carolina where my girlfriend is a college soccer coach. I might be able to do weekday tempo runs or interval workouts. I also have Saturing morning invites, but I'm interested in doing 10 miles on Saturday evenings around 6 in the evening. In addition, I would love to meet up for long runs of 16-20 on early Sunday mornings (8 AM) or when it gets cooler - I wouldn't mind the afternoon. I live in Montgomery County - but I'm looking at running down in Georgetown at least once a week. I love running in DC - it helps me stay balanced with the life of a teacher and coach. Matias has also really inspired to going after some of my dreams that I have deferred for a while with my teaching and coaching responsibilities. I'll probably run Chicago (or part of it) since that's where my family lives, but I'm really going after getting ready for few Florida races in the winter months and a March Marathon - VA Beach or National, perhaps? How's the training going for everyone?



MAX said...

go to massage and make sure you stretch. just ask big dave o' about IT band problems. M

KLIM said...

Nate - I should be down for a once a week run in MoCo.

I run at Old Anglers, the "line" on beach Drive and in Cabin John Park during the week...all are natural terrain.

I am going to flip my work schedule as soon as it gets a wee bit cooler and run at 5:30/6:00 instead of 6:30/7:00.