Friday, September 14, 2007

LEGS FEE LIKE.........

Marshmello fluff and cosco brand jelly with wonder bread topping it off.(Jake's regular diet before a run) Too many runs on the asphalt along the Charles River took their toll. Taking hot yoga tonight and then watching the BOSOX clobber the yanks.

I suggest buying some Bill Rogers stuff and hanging it on your walls as its going out of business.

also, go on Jake's sunday run as its a nice alternative to the regular runs we do.

who is doing the run from the store tomorrow with MEETUP?



Allen Carr said...

I will be at the store Saturday at 8:15 for all those interested.

Scott said...

wow, you mention the word meetup and allen jumps all over it. i, unfortunately, will be in the windy city for 6 days.

Peter said...

I'll be at the store Sat. morning? What's the link to this meetup board?