Friday, September 7, 2007


The training run last night was good. Hard run. We did the equivalent of 13x800 with 1 minute jogs in between. this combined with 2 mile warm and 2 mile cool down makes for about 12 total miles. My toes are hurting and my hamstring is tight. other than that, i am ok. Steve(lots of)Money, Klim, Scott, Chris and this new guy, Billy, all look strong. It was a grueling run as the heat and the bugs were terrible. After the run we all looked like navy seals just emerging from some swamp.

Munro looks like he is rounding into form, as does MONEY.

Imagine doing 4 more sets of those! Your legs would not forgive you for some time. However, if you are willing and able, keep trying to slowly ramp up the distance. Your marathon times will get better.

its time for some R&R as I am out of town for a few. See ya next week__________M

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