Monday, September 17, 2007

In Other Weekend News...

Here is a rundown from this weekend's races...including times from GRC folks and other area runners:

Melissa (Kitty) Tanner set a big PR in the Park's Half Marathon with a time of 1:20:21.

Vanessa Hunter finished 2nd in 1:18:31

Pat Reaves, who has been meeting on group runs, ran a 1:13 low...this must be a huge PR for him? Awesome job Pat!

Max tempo'd a 1:17 something.


Chris Raabe ran a 1:05:06

Phillipe Rolly ran a 1:07:55

Kyle Smitts ran 1:08:08

Eric Post - 1:08:38

Ryan Mammen - 1:09:26

Scotch activist Matt Ernst ran 1:24:55

I know I am forgetting people, so feel free to add in comments...


MAX said...

wow, everybody did great. good job.

MAX said...

Allen Carr ran 15:05 at a 5K in VA. Congrats to Allen_____M

DaveO said...

Nice Melissa, PR'ing on that course is no joke. You are ready to roll.

LTO said...

Great job everyone this weekend. The Parks Half course is not easy, so those PRs are awesome! A couple of us ladies also ran in the PDR race. Lisa Thomas finished in a strong 1:20:55, proving she's getting back into great shape. I bumped into her after the race and she seems excited about her training. I ran 1:17:44-- just 30 seconds off my PR. I'll take it with my tired marathon-training legs. It was a gorgeous day up in the Philly!

LTO said...

Whoops! Missed Mathias's post. Thanks for the shout out. Speaking of Mathias, his training partner, Kelzie Beebe (a fellow Potomac Runner), ran a new PR of 1:34 at the PDR. She's looking mighty strong as well!

Anonymous said...

Jake--thanks for the good word. It was a PR for me, by about 30 seconds. I even managed a 10-mile PR (54:52) en route, which I admittedly paid for toward the end of the race, falling pretty hard off pace in the last 5k.

I haven't been out to the store to run in a few weeks, so I'm going to try to make it this Saturday if anyone else is around.

Dane said...

Congrats to all runners.