Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I ran a 1/2 marathon at marathon pace yesterday. Not an easy course. It was on the Mt. Vernon Trail, which twists and turns and is hilly. Solid race and there were some very good runners to push the pace. Wardian came out and ran his third race in three days(i must commend his recovery ability. Totally awsome. I did what I wanted and it capped a 40 mile 3 day stretch. Ran the whole thing very comfortably at 6 minute pace. Legs are strong as its a matter of making sure I do not tweak any muscles.

BTW_______Timm, take it easy on your workout today. No use coming back too fast and re-injuring yourself.

Having fun out there and enjoying myself. Also, did anyone see Lagat win the 5ooo at the worlds? Totally great tactical effort on his part.


Nate said...

Max -

Remember, I am a coach. Been building up slowly...running with the kids for about a month now. Just gave Jason some company on the recovery. Nothing fast for a few months. VA Beach in March is real goal.

Dane said...

Great run Max. any who care can read my report on my blog about the same race.