Friday, September 28, 2007


For all those who might give a darn, Iron Mike Wardian is a featured runnner on the New York Road Runners website section on the trials. He is on the same list with some pretty lofty company. Also, Gene Mitchell, owner of the Running Company chain, is a featured runner in Runners World. He is one of the few "old guys" who made the trials. Interesting little write-up.

Other than Wardian, Chris Raabe, Steve Meinelt(former washingtonian) and maybe one or two other local men are running the trials. I am going to NYC to check it out and cheer them on.

Allen, regarding your earlier post on team races, there are a ton. Veteran's Day 10K is a real good one. I think we won it last year.


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Anonymous said...

Do not forget GRC runner Eric Post. Also Phipip and Kyle will race in Chicago this coming weekend.