Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lake Winnepesuake Relay

As much as I would love to run with Dean this Saturday, I will be in New Hampshire taking part in a 65 mile relay. Usually teams of anywhere from 5-8 will run this race but I will be taking on the masses with just one partner as we hop on shuttle buses, drive our own car and do everything else that would be much easier with 8 people. But that is the fun.

Anyway, I just wanted to make the 300th posting on the G-Town RC blog.

Wish me luck.


MAX said...

good luck. sounds like fun. i am disappointed I cannot get a picture with dane and dean, though.

Dane said...

We can photoshop one for you. Blame Dean. He knew I was going to be gone.

KLIM said...

Dane - I'm spending all day next Tuesday on Lake W for work. Doing some stuff with loons, a boat ride and crew (rowing).

Dane said...

loons? You got Max to come with you? *rimshot*