Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As a non-racer, I can provide some analysis, but this was also an excuse to post this team picture taken pre-race. We're holding up the number "10" as our goal was to finish in the top 10.

Overall, the team ran very well and our top 4 were within 40-seconds of one another. Wiggy got out hard (4:45) and stayed tough as nails. Hanson ran very smart and seemed to move up throughout the race. Outlaw had an "off day" but still toughed it out and got it done. Wiggy, 'bama Paul and Hanson all ran better or about the same time that they did at flat/fast/ideal course Vet's Day - this is very impressive given this course had 3 good sized hills. Burnham ran his best race in a GRC singlet and Karl toughed it out to be our 7th man. Not to be overlooked was Jordan's performance in the masters race (35:01).

Post and pre-race fun (as you've seen) was indeed a trip. The after party was filled with festive runners and Charlottonians. There was a mechanical bull and there was dancing. 

Despite the team's great finish (14 out of 45), I am more pleased to report that the team, as usual, really felt like a team as I am sure others will attest to. Next year's race is in Seattle. If we intend to gear up for it, we need to think about possibly holding a second (fall) race to raise additional funding or we'll be shelling out at least $400 each to make such a trip.

Huge will be posting some more (professional) pix in the coming days. 

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DM said...

Great running guys - and thanks for the write ups. Looking forward to preparing for spring.