Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Please someone take ownership of this race and make sure Bob from Capital Running collects your entries and places you down as a team.

I am old and have a feeble mind plus lack of follow through ability and thus, the ball falls in someone else's court on this.

The wheels have been put in motion so someone just needs to make some calls to make sure team is one and that Mighty Bert does not win again.


Has anyone ever watched old videos of Bill Rodgers running marathons and then post run interviews and such? The guy had the right frame of mind and attitude. The sport has become so serious. I mean all of the analysis and so on. Boston Billy is better than them all.


Unknown said...

I'm on it. Download and fill out this form:


Then send it to me at runjimdaly@gmail.com

Jerry Greenlaw said...

for sure max. pick up his book he wrote in like 1980 called marathoning. It's great... real quality stuff on his philosophy. Guy is amazing