Sunday, December 5, 2010


An incredible story...about a runner.

A delinquent...ran 4:20 in Olympian...met Hitler in '36...ran 4:07, could have been the first sub-4 minute miler, but went to war instead...crashed into the Pacific...survived on a raft...caught sharks and ate them with his hand...sent to POW camp...beaten, tortured...but won.

Carried the Olympic torch in Nagano, Japan.

Great Christmas gift.

Go to 6:30 in the interview HERE to hear more. If that link doesn't work go HERE and scroll down to Laura Hillenbrand.

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Jonathan Amato said...

Zamperini was born in my hometown of Olean, New York but his family moved when he was two for a better climate, since he or some family members got sick.