Friday, December 10, 2010

GRC to Battle Clubs @ USATF on Saturday


FLASH: The Georgetown Running Company is sending a squad of its best and brightest to do battle at the USATF Cross Country Club Championships this Saturday at McAlpine Creel Park in Charlotte, NC. "This is the best team we've ever sent anywhere", noted one GRCer.


David Burnham
Karl Dusen
Jerry Greenlaw
Paul Guevara
Ryan Hanson
Samuel Luff
Patrick Murphy
Joey Wiegner
Neal Hannan
Alex Eversmeyer
Jordan Snyder - MASTERS

Jerry Alexander, who coaches a handful of the guys going on the trip notes, "While we're not making club nationals a priority, and our runners are training through the race, we should make a very solid showing in Charlotte. Joe Wiegner and Paul Guevera look to be our top 2 men, as both of them have been running excellent workouts and look sharp.

"Ryan Hanson has also looked great in workouts but this distance is at the outside of Ryan's range, and he's looking forward to running fast in the spring at 5000 meters on the track. Sam Luff is rounding into shape and is capable of running well on Saturday. Jerry Greenlaw has been running very high mileage in anticipation of his marathon debut in 2011 and lacks race sharpness right now, but he will be in the mix for top 3 on our squad. When fit, Karl Dusen is our clear number one runner, and while Karl is still recovering from a persistent illness and will not be at full throttle, we still expect him to be a scoring member of our team. And Dave Burnham's PRs demonstrate that when fit, he will be a major factor for GRC in the future, and I look forward to seeing him regain race fitness in the spring."

MORE: Pacers, BAA, Atlanta TC, Greater Boston TC, Hansons, Manhattan TC, Bowerman AC, McMillan Elite, NYAC, New Balance Boston among the many teams.

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SATURDAY: "flash" updates and race results at 1:30pm EST



Peter said...

Go forth and conquer!

Karl D. said...

I am stoked for this weekend. I am excited to see how this team stacks up against some of the best teams in the country. I know it be will be a good time too!

KLIM said...

Saturday Wx: Considerable cloudiness. Highs in the low 50s and lows in the upper 30s.

Anonymous said...

I is for happy to Chaco Sandals' enjoyment!

chaco sandals said...

Sounds interesting..Good luck!