Monday, December 27, 2010


I read Jake's blog about Winning or losing some war with his leg and the angst that goes with this effort of running all out.

I do think, in all fairness to the body we are blessed with, there is no easy way out. A professional runner or endurance athlete gets a massage every week, goes to the chiro and pt and stretch specialist on a weekly basis, does strength and conditioning work and still gets injured and beat to hell.

With this said, unless you are all willing to be like Dirk and succumb to multi sport, steal mike wardian's genes or are willing to nourish the body through these maintenance like efforts, the body will always be at war with the wear and tear that all out racing inflicts.

Running for fun or just jogging to burn calories is a more pleasant way to enjoy the activity and causes far fewer disruptions to joint and muscle movement. Alas, it is less fun and does not feed our competitive egos.

With this said, I am not sure that competitive racing offers a nice ring of love for our bodies so get used to it.

FYI--Ray Pugsely had surgery on his foot last week due to a running related injury.

God bless Mike Wardian

May the new year be a sacred one and learn from Mighty Dirk, the secrets of cross training to improve running economy.

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