Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nice Race Video

So the text is a bit cheesy, but the end of this race is pretty damn sweet.


Jerry Greenlaw said...

I love this video. Steve Jones was such a beast. Got the world record in the marathon after drinking 8 pints of cider the night before then having moonpies for breakfast pre race

KLIM said...

FACT: Jonesy split 47:20 (10) and 1:01:40 (13.1) en route to his marathon PR of 2:07:13.

SJ: It was (he fastest half-marathon split ever) for many years, and still might be pretty close. I was out there and I didn't turn around. I just kept focus. You can watch the video now and see I was just focused on forward. In 1984 when I was with a group I was looking around, at the helicopter above, but when I was by myself I was focused. You can shut everything else out when you are by yourself. No one is going to trip you and you're not going to fall down.