Friday, December 3, 2010



Oh, sorry

On a more serious note, we have an opportunity to send some runners to Austin on Jan 30th to run a half marathon. Demesse is going but I would like to send a team to go there and win. There is very good prize money.

People need to run 109 or better. Wiggy, Texas/Alabama Paul, Jerry the wonder of the world outlaw, Dirk(go back to Texas and win a race), Disckson???? anyway, we can get you a free entry and hotel and maybe airfair(doubtful though).

Please let me know if you have interest


KLIM said...

Do you mean Houston?

Texas Paul is already in that race.

We would need one more...

MAX said...

Not Houston. this is the 3M Half in Austin. Dusen, yourself?

Paul Guevara said...

As Klim said, I will be in Houston on Jan 29th for the half in Houston. I would definitely head over to Austin following my race on Saturday if guys head down, and show you guys around.

I ran this race last year, and it is a really fast course. My performance last year won't confirm how fast it is because it was unusually windy, which delayed the race an hour, and I came down with a fever two nights before the race and woke up sick the morning of.

Regardless, the competition is pretty solid. Unfortunately, you cannot qualify on the course, unless they changed it from last year. Money is 10 deep. If you guys can't swing hotel, but can get airfare, I can probably set some lodging up for you guys free of charge. Just keep me posted.

DM said...

I have class this Saturday. This is a great opportunity, but I imagine the team will want to fly out earlier than Saturday night. Correct?

Anonymous said...

nice! friday night on sixth street... jake, put on your cowboy hat and boot for some cowgirl!!!

Karl D. said...

I am interested - I need more details but if the total cost is low I will probably do it!