Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ryan Hall is a champion.

In a time when the ego of the athlete is consumed with contract dispute, fighting with their management, and or concerned with coming out and looking like a rose, Hall seems to take responsibility for himself and his actions by doing his own thing and stating his rationale in an open and direct fashion.

Now granted, he has changed coaches, which some deem is an ill conceived move, but he did it after much soul searching and through yes, divine intervention. Alas, he did it with some class.

Now he is off traveling and doing some charity work and yes, running,

He is a free spirit and we all await where his free ways will take him.

He is off to Boston, coachless and without any team or group supporting him.

He is going solo with his faith as his sole ally.

We wish him the best

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Charlie Ban said...

I will give my tonsils to anyone who can explain what this has to do with the GRC team