Sunday, March 11, 2007


except for me. But alas, i really don't care as it gives me an excuse to take it easy. My hamstring is still sore so i am not pushing it as i had to really lay off today. I noticed Matias and Jason go flying by me like two men possessed. i do not think they even recognized me and my buddy Paul walking along the canal with canes in our hands. Us older guys use these times as an excuse to stop running and talk about deep life issues(one day some of you will get there)

Other than that, Jake and Chris ran real well at the Baltimore 5K and

Melissa really looks like she is rounding into peak form for the marathon. Soon she should be the best female runner in the area.

I will collect a bunch of singlets and bring them to the sat run next week and the race on sunday.

On one of my many side notes, this morning was the first time in my DC life, I believe, that I ever took the time to walk along the canal and stop to take notice of what an extraordinary ecosystem it is. With the early morning sun hitting the water and the crowds of runners and bikers, still not out it was nice just to walk along it and appreciate its presence and pay it some respect. I am glad it is part of the National Park System, as we all should be.


Havegoats said...

We did notice you and P. Rolle-ing. Sorry to read your hamstring is still acting up. Today's tempo run was a nice confidence booster- 6:30, 6:10, 5:42, 5:42, 5:44, 5:35, 5:25 (turn around and eased home) 5:55, 5:45, 5:51, 5:45, 5:45, 5:55, 5:55. The 5:45s felt comfortable. Decent week- 76 miles, and had done a mini tempo on wed.

MAX said...

if the two of you feel no pain or real aggrivation/fatigue in the muscles, you should be ready to do well at the marathon.

On a serious note, i really think we all should take the warm up very seriously as well as a 10-15 minute stretch time before the real workout. for a run like the one you did, i recommend a 1-2 mile warm up and then stretch for 10 minutes, and then go for it. after the workout, cool down at a very slow 8 or 9 minute pace for at least one mile.

if you are not doing massage or ice bath or any type of recovery therapies, you will eventually hurt for it. the slow warm up and cool down, along with stretching will help prevent injury and make you stronger, long term.

Melissa said...

Yikes, Max. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I think Mary Kate Bailey and others might have something to say about that. We don't need to give them any additional motivation;-)

But I do appreciate the National Park System.

MAX said...

hey melissa

i hate to bruise your ego but mary kate might be focusing strictly on national level comp now as she gets a little older and focused on the olympic trials. for the young and up and comer crowd, the world is yours, as it is for all of you.