Sunday, March 18, 2007


Everyone who ran today should be happy for no other reason than you got out on a windy and cold day and ran a good one for old st. pat. Jason is a man possessed and clearly feels good and is having fun. Klim, no worries man, everyone has those days of blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I do not know what happened to Philippe. bathroom break is the rumor. Steve looked strong as did Matt and Melissa. as with all sports, some days you are person without peer and some days you are normal or flat or whatever. Its called being a part of the human life cycle so get used to it.

The National Marathon should be fun too. Matias looks prepared as was indicated by his riding around on his road warrior like bike with dress shoes and a ski-mask, etc. They will call him Mighty Matias.

Dave O, take it easy on the IT band and think positive. all should be well.


Klim said...

Here is my "report"

St. Patrick's Day 8K - WDC - 3/18

I went into this race feeling so-so, but at the same time my legs felt very fresh. I was still very encouraged from the 5k last weekend and hoped to piggy-back off that success. This race was stacked with great runners so my goal was to run around/under 25:20. The course was basically an out-and-back "L" with small 100m "U"s tacked on to parts of the L...if that makes any sense?

The game plan was to play it conservatively going out in 5:05 and trying to run even/negative splits and work with my training partner Jason. It was cold (28) and very windy. We warmed up on part of the course and one could definitely feel the wind. Pack running would be essential.

The gun went off and the leaders quickly strung out. There wasn't really a pack, rather a long string of runners in single file or dotted along in pairs of two. A pack didn't form until mile 1 (5:00 - wind at our backs). I led a surge up a hill to try and get Jason, myself and another runner into the 5-man pack that had formed ahead of us - we were roughly in 8-10 place. We finally caught them on our way back down the street as we all headed into a vicious head wind. There were maybe 7 of us with another 4 out in front. Jason quickly took the lead of the pack and started to hammer away. I was at the back of the pack. We hit two miles around 10:15 but I was already starting to hurt. I started to get one of those annoying stitches/cramps in my abdomen - it hurt but it wasn't too bothersome. The pack started to pull away and/or I started to slow down. They soon had a 2-5 second lead on me but I maintained that distance until 3 miles (15:30)...but then they began to pull away. I was pretty fatigued, cramped and out in no man's land sucking wind. I could see Jason pulling the pack into the wind, gentlemanly doing all the work while telling the pack to watch for ice under an overpass! The way I was feeling, I wanted to slip and fall on the ice and call it a day. At this point I was simply trying to keep the pack in sight and make a move with a mile to go...hopefully catching someone and running in towards the finish. The stitch/cramp was getting worse, that, coupled with the headwind and being in no-man's land ,was taking its toll. The pack pulled further and further away. I hit mile 4 in 20:58...knowing now that my time goal was well out of reach. The last mile headed straight down Pennsylvania Ave into the head wind before dipping down a side street, running a "U" and coming back towards the finish on Penn. Again, I tried to surge, assisted by teammate Matias shouting encouragement on his bike, but it was a pathetic attempt. With a 1/4 mile to go the stitch/cramp thing was really bothersome and I was taking short breaths while trying to "sprint" to the finish. I ended up running a dismal 26:24 but more importantly missing an opportunity to tag onto the chase pack at mile 1.5.

It was a terrible race for me. I ran practically the same time today that I split in my 10 Miler last October and ran a 26 flat split in a cold 10k about a month ago. I guess I just didn't have it today. Latching on would have certainly helped, but I just had one of those bad days that all runners, inevitably, have from time to time. Oh well.

As a side, Jason ran very tough and very smart. He looked very comfortable out there. He ran down the pack and worked on some of the guys who were out in front. Without that ridiculous wind he would have certainly run our goal time...if not faster.

Klim said...

Nat Glackin who finished under 27 mins today ran for Georgetown in college. He lives in DC now. Anyone know if he'd like to join us?

Ben - do you know him?

MAX said...

Jake, that guy Nat works for Saucony and comes in the store all the time. not sure who he trains with or where he lives. ben knows, i am sure.

As for Philippe, he had to go to the bathroom twice between mile 3 and 4 as his stomach was taking a beating. he would have been there with Jake if he did not have to make the stops and he was averaging about 5:14 pace.

Havegoats said...

This was a race when everything was clicking... so, I don't want to get foolish and cocky. Could tell all week, legs felt very strong and my mind was positive from the tempo run last sunday. Was too bad the time was off due to the weather, but, I think the weather worked to my advatage over the competition as it took some of the speed out of some faster guys. I was also really pumped to run into a haverford guy moments before the race. we went out for the first mile together, and though he did reel me in, it felt good being on the podium with him and representing haverford- even though he had a pacers uniform on. To be honest, I like those guys, at least Bert and Brian... it's a lot of fun running against good people. I want to race well against them out of respect. but I like being the new guys on the block, low key but serious, and the underdogs. Thanks to all the guys who came out and cheered.

MAX said...

Iron Mike Wardian made the trials this weekend in 2:21 and some change. congrats to Mike.

The Mighty Gurmesa ran the half marathon in 1:05 and still came in 11th.

both of these races were in Virginia Beach at the shamrock run fest.

DaveO said...

Got to give a shout out to my girlfriend and fellow Gtown runner Laura Turner who got 4th ( 1st American) yesterday at VA Beach Shamrock half marathon in a blistering 1:17:13. Beating the likes of notable local standout Erin Swain and past drug cheat Deeja Younquist, once heralded as the next great American marathoner. Next up, US Marathon Nationals in the Boston Elite field. Congrats to all those that ran the St. Paddy’s Day 8k yesterday. That wind was nasty.


MAX said...

Wow, thats pretty darn good. good luck Laura-------


I looked at the results of the men's half marathon and they were blistering. the Mighty Gurmesa came in 11th in 65 minutes.

Melissa said...

Great job, Laura! That's amazing. You should be ready to fly at Boston!

Matias said...

Yo, that's ridiculous. 1:17 is mad quick. Good to see all those Thursday Potomac group runs from the Capitol paying off.

LT said...

Thanks everyone! It was a really good race and I am confident for Boston. The VA Beach weather was cold and windy, but doesn't sound half as bad as what was in DC. I've run into (and lost many umbrellas, hats, papers, etc. to) the wind tunnel on PA Ave when I worked at the Archives. Kudos to everyone for dealing with that!