Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I am envious of everyone racing and killing themselves out there. Alas, i feel like the injured athlete who needs to discipline himself so as to not get injured again. I have been doing every other excercise in the world and will be ready to run when the legs are totally strong. All I can say is go with the wind and keep it up.

For those that feel good, continue to stretch, get massages and do ice baths. If you have a chance, go to the LetsRun website and check out footage from the cross country championship in Kenya this past weekend. After the race, the runners were immediately dumped in buckets of ice and taken to the massage tent. These are the best runners in the world, so they know whats up.

I am still contemplating the Boston Marathon. I will wait until Saturday to make the call.



Matt Ernst said...

Max.....what your phone number? Matt

Matias said...

202-552-9654 (cell) for Max

KLIM said...


My 2 cents...

I think running a marathon banged up isn't a good idea...unless of course it plans to be your last race and your are in great shape/will run a great time...at the price of your body. I support this sort of abuse, but to run it to simply muscle through it in a slower time might be a bad idea.

I think for someone who picked up running as a 30 y/o, you've come a long way. You are a very strong runner and you've got a heck of a marathon PR - 2:37?? No need to run Boston in 2:47...save it for another day, get healthy and come back easy and strong. Don't think races...simply think running. Come back when you come back. I think if you can kick the aches and pains, you'll be able to attack again this summer and hopefully run PRs.

MAX said...

guys, i feel like rocky. i go around at night and run around the mall backwards and go home and run up and down stairs until the pain is so strong i cannot take it. i do all of this in gray sweats and a black cap.

life is short---go for it

love and liberty are what its about.