Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hi everyone. I have never blogged before but after receiving 2 invitations to blog, I decided to give it a try. Most of you probably don't know me, but I also run for GRC. I have been out of the racing scene for quite a while. Since my last marathon in October, I have had a lot of trouble with my glutes and hamstrings. After a lot of PT and multiple doctor appointments, I have come to the conclusion that my problems resulted from overtraining. I did 9 weeks at 120 miles over the summer and my body just decided to rebel. From October through February I basically have done nothing but easy running. I just recently changed coaches and have started working out again. I am still not 100% but have made a lot of progress. I plan to run Cherry Blossom as my first race back, but I am not sure what to expect. I am excited to start racing again though. I look forward to meeting some of you soon. Good luck with your training.
Susannah Kvasnicka


MAX said...

Hi Susannah, i have seen you around the races for years. good to have you on the blog. i, like you, killed myself last year with training and have the same glute/hamstring problems. the "pain in rear" just won't go away. i ride the bike and run lightly but cannot extend the legs without hitches and bits of pain. i am now focused on getting massages and working it out. i am still hoping to run Boston. Will see. take care and if i find some secret remedy for glute/hamstring problems, I will be sure to share the info.


Susannah said...

Hi Max. I saw a new chiropractor today who specializes in active release therapy. After my first visit, I can tell a difference in my legs. I have heard really good things about active release. I will let you know how it goes and if I think it is worth trying.
Good luck.

MAX said...

I receive active release massage and agree it is a great therapy. For it to be effective, i believe, you need to be aggressive and do it on a regular basis(of which, i have not done) but will now.

Also, i have been a dodo about my training, and like you, just killed my legs. There is only one Mike Wardian in the world, right. From this point on, i am going to be smarter. also, i am getting old(37) and the body needs as much TLC as possible.

let me know if you continue to get better!


Havegoats said...


Do your children attend Flint Hill? My wife, Christine Dwyer, works there (6th grade teacher). I remember her telling me about you. Glad to read you on the boards!

Anonymous said...

Susanna good to have you on here. Sorry to hear about the injury. I will be out cheering like mad for you guys this weekend even if it is only a training run.