Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tourney Time

On yahoo:

G'Town Harriers (Group ID# 71560)
password: beatpacers

losers buy the winner dinner?


MAX said...

what are you getting us into?

Havegoats said...

Part of our societal duty- don't be the odd man out. You can pick your teams in whatever lucky sweater you want to wear in the privacy of your home- or bear chested like the woodland creature that you are.

Havegoats said...

wow- as much as I like Jake, it's gonna be a little awkward when just one of us buys the other dinner... so let's make this a gathering and not a date. Sign up really just an excuse to hang out. I would say the losers buy the winner drinks, but I don't really drink and since I will clearly win, I want a dinner- could be a freakin burger or some of earnst's muffins.