Thursday, March 15, 2007

Running: Morning vs. Evening?

I quipped all winter about waking up and running in the morning - I hated it. The same routes from my condo week after week, the fact that my body wasn't awake, how I felt terrible during and after most of my runs etc etc...

Per Daylight Savings Time, I started running in the evenings (7pm). I've always run in the afternoons whenever I can and whenever daylight allows me to because it gives me the chance to drive somewhere (Old Anglers Inn, the Canal, RCP) and get off the commuter-heavy streets, but it really takes a good chunk out of your evening. Last night I was making and eating dinner at 9:30 whereas a few weeks ago I would have been relaxing watching American Idol...I mean 24.

Running in the morning seems much more efficient with getting it out of the way, but the runs just don't feel as good (both physically and mentally). I was wondering when others on the list run and why? Mornings or Evenings? Also, what is your work schedule like?

Yes...I did just post a serious topic...


MAX said...

Klim, you need to run when you can with the assumption that life will get more difficult and busy. its about focus and drive and realizing that to run is a privilege and not to be taken for granted. be flexible.

also, tell your work colleagues and friends that running is part of your soul and helps you deal with life. they will understand and give you the time to run.

also, cast you net wide for running partners. i have and do run with all types of people because its fun to have someone to run with.

you are the captian of your own ship.

Matias said...

I'm not a morning person and have the time at this point in my life to run after work.

Evenings for me. It's been nice this week with the extra daylight and weather.

Once I transition to triathlon training, I'll have to become a morning person to get my swims in.

I also don't feel as good during and after 4+ mile runs in the morning. My normal work hours are 9am - 5:30pm

LT said...

Now that I am here, I'll put my 2 cents in. I primarily run in the evening. Why? Like Jake, I feel more awake, I have some calories in me (breakfast and lunch). Sure, I end up eating a smaller dinner at about 8:30 - 9:00 pm, but I don't follow TV, so it works for me! I sleep better too. I do get up for an occasional morning run. As well, I seem to do okay with my early AM long runs on Saturday (perhaps because I get visions of brunch at about mile 10).

I also run at lunch occasionally. Max... I don't know what you do for a living, but my office can only tolerate my lunchtime escapes once or twice a week! And that's them being flexible!

When I was in college, however, I did most of my summer training in the morning...early morning. That's what happens when your folks move to Florida, the land o' heat and humidity.


DaveO said...

Last week the earliest I ate was 9:00. It sucks but I already get up at 5:30 for work so I can’t see fitting in a morning run. Plus my or decaying body is so stiff in the AM it takes me a good hour or so just to get the kinks out. Because I’m a teacher I do run in the summer but I always feel like dog S. Who the heck is this LT character by the by, someone should band her from the blog.

MAX said...

dave, i read your post on the IT band. massage via a real massage therapist or get on a roller. take this very seriously. let me know if you need a discount massage. max

MAX said...

dave, also, you are not that old. you are 30. i am 37. the only reason i am out of action is i have not allowed myself to heal properly.

jake, on a serious note, everyone has times that their bodies are set to do excercise. sounds like the late afternoon works with you. late night dinners is not bad. i usaly eat at 10 and fall right asleep.

all of you need to stretch so you are not sore after the runs and can recover quicker. do you drink recovery drinks like endurox?

as for my training. i am very serious about staying in good shape so that i remain a good citizen, don't get sick and have a positive attitude about life, work, friends, etc. i make this known to all.


Klim said...'s def afternoons for me, only it's so much more convenient (time wise) to run in the morning. A constant struggle.

MAX said...

i used to wake up at 5:30am and take long runs with Steve(on the money)Money and this guy Hugh Owen. we would meet at pierce mill and just push through it.

another alternative that you will not like is to invest in a treadmill. friends who have kids and real hectic schedules swear by them. Dan Lawson, of montgomery county road runners fame wakes up at 4:30 in the morning and runs on one everyday.

no easy solution.

Havegoats said...

Hey Jake. Vary it- some morning days and some afternoon days. One scenario could be, evening monday, tuesday, and wednesday, morning thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday.

Matt Ernst said...

Jason may have something there...I like running in the AM because it gets me ready for the rest of the day...and it prepares me for racing.....most of which are in the AM.

slowrunner said...

During the weekdays, I run in the morning during the summer time in order to avoid the days were there is either a heat advisory, temps around 95-100, the threat of a heavy thunderstorm in the evening, or if I have something else to do in the evening that I can't run. Other than that I run in the evenings.

Klim said...

I like Jason's idea. Very logical.

MAX said...

klim, there is no logic involved with running. why not be creative. get a head lamp and run at 11pm in rock creek and howl at the moon. they will write stories about you in the post and you will be famous. you might even start a cult following.