Monday, March 19, 2007


I am officially taking time off of racing until Boston. No need to kill it and risk injury. i hit the bike for 1.5 hrs every day last week and lifted weights so i feel strong. i want my joints and bones fresh for Boston. I will begin running again this wed and start back slow. the fitness is there and perhaps all of the cross training will pay off for the marathon. I will also incorporate two massages a week leading up the marathon for optimal muscle work.

the rest of you guys and gals, take it easy on the joints and bones.

On a side note, renown massage therapist, Terrel Hale has invited all of us to his house for a post race meal after the Pikes Peek 10k. He does some work for the Montgomery County Road Runners and will be there to run the race, as well. His wife is from France and will make Crepes for us to devour. You can ask him questions and see if the massage work he does can be an asset to your running.




Melissa said...

Smart move, Max. Deciding to take time off is much harder than doing a hard workout or race but more beneficial in the long run, especially if your body is worn down.
In addition to massages and cross-training, making sure you're getting enough iron is important for distance runners. I know it applies more to women than men, but it's something for everyone to consider if you're feeling fatigued. I started feeling a little run down last week, so I've been taking a shot of liquid iron each morning. Laura recommended mixing it with OJ for maximum absorption. Add a little vodka and vermouth and you'd have the perfect runner's martini.

KLIM said...

I second that Max. You are a talented runner and the marathon is certainly your distance. No need to turn your legs into hamburger before going to Boston.

If you (or anyone) is interested, I plan on running longer on Sunday.

Havegoats said...

Melissa, that drink seems suspiciously like Klim's drink, the blood packer, in his "A Runner's Drinking Guide", page 147. Another great gem is "the saucy runner" 8 oz V8, 2 tbl tabasco sauce, 2oz tequilla, 1oz captain, followed with a jalepeno chaser, see page 23.

MAX said...

I just found out mike wardian is set to do national marathon. that is two marathons in two weeks. He should be tired. Matias, Luke, Dave and Philippe, you need to stay with him. M