Monday, March 26, 2007

Marathon Training Schedule HELP

As some of you know, I'll be running my first marathon in June. I am going to begin "training" in earnest on April 2 (after Cherry Blossom)...that gives me 11 week until the race on June 16. I use the quotes because I've been running now consistently for a year, but I want to create a rough training schedule that has me slowly increasing the mileage and long runs before tapering during those 11 weeks. Any suggestions? I don't need a day by day breakdown, what I really need is a week-by-week mileage/long run total along with any key workouts/suggested races I should be doing. Here are my stipulations - I won't run any more than 90 miles/week at my peak and I don't want to run anymore than 22 miles for a long run (I think I'd like to keep it at 20). My long runs will most likely be run on Sunday (when I have time).

More about ME and my recent running-related background:

Ran for UMBC in college...mostly a xc 8k guy (25:29), but also ran events as low as the 800 (1:56.9) and 400 (51.4). More recently, I ran 5:20 pace last October for 10 miles and in the past 4 weeks ran 32:12 (10k) and 15:21 (5k). I've been running around 60 mpw for approx 9 months (high of 76, low of 40 - sick week) with a weekly long run average of 14 miles (12-16). The week of 4/2 I plan to take it easy, but I want to gradually build up to 85-90 miles (NO MORE) at the peak of my training. I want to make a gradual increase of weekly mileage (with a rest/easy week every 4-5 weeks) for the next 11 weeks.

My first week back will be around 45-50 miles (recovery from Cherry Blossom) I need to go from that to 85/90 and then taper.
Thoughts or ideas? A good workout I should run? Should I run a half marathon "X" weeks before the big dance? Thanks.
- Marathon Virgin


MAX said...

Jake, i thought you were training with Jason. I suggest looking at the newest Running Times where it documents Dathan Ritz's marathon training. I know you do not want to log 140 mile weeks but you can get a jist of what you need to do and how to mix easy and hard days up. REMEMBER TO STRETCH AND NO MORE DONUTS.


KLIM said...

Jason and I will will be training with each other as best we can...especially tempo runs, workouts etc. I hope others will come out for these too.

However, we tend to run at different times during the afternoons (work) and may not meet up. I think I will want to run 3x a week in the morning in order to lighten the mileage in the PM.

Merkel said...

11 weeks out I would keep it pretty simple. Below is a rough mileage/long-run schedule based off of the general guideline I have used in my short 10-month/3-marathon career. I can really only handle the longer runs every other week, and they are always at a very relaxed pace (~60 sec slower per mile than MP, so SLOW). You are coming into this training with a great speed foundation, I would keep up what you have been doing for speedwork but slow the pace down to HM pace(you don't need that much at sub-5min pace for the marathon) and keep the rep. distance over 800. Personally, I only need one workout a week, and like to do a medium long-run (10-13 miles) in the middle of the week). You can substitute track intervals with timed reps (like the Lockwood 2-on-2-off) to change things up. I like doing this when the weather is crappy and you know you’ll just be discouraged by your times.

Here is an example of an 11-week program:

week 1: 45-50 miles (12m LR EASY)

week 2: 55-60 miles (16m LR EASY)

week 3: 65-70 miles (12-14m progression run to MP or race of 10k or up)

week 4: 70-75 (18m LR EASY)

week 5: DOWN WEEK: 60-65 miles, 14 mile progression run

week 6: 75-80 miles (20m LR EASY PACE)

week 7: 80-85 miles (12-14 mile progression run to MP or race of 10k or up)

week 8: Max-volume 85-90 (either 22 miler or Half marathon (at this mileage you probably would be shooting for MP or just under))

week 9: 60-70 miles (start taper) 12-16m LR EASY PACE

week 10: 50-55 miles, 9-days before the race I do 10 by 800 with equal time rest, shoot for marathon goal time (e.g. if your goal is 2:30, shoot for 2:30 for each 800, taking 2:30 rest).

week 11: EAT CARBOHYDRATES…20-50 miles (depending on how much you like to taper). I do a 4-mile segment at MP 4/5 days before the race just to remind the body what it will be getting itself into.

Good luck! Everyone, please feel free to comment on this plan…it is just what has worked for me. I only top out at 70 miles a week though and take a day off almost every week because it keeps me fresh. The most important element in my opinion is the long-run, and training your body to be running for the amount of time you will be racing for (2.5-3 hours) getting a run in this time range is CRUCIAL. Practicing fluid intake (some mixtures may cramp your stomach)is good to do as well. Carbo-loading is NOT over-rated, in my last-two marathons I felt great at mile 20 and didn’t start fading ‘till 23. Even then I didn’t hit “the wall”.

My two-cents,


KLIM said...

Luke - great! Thanks. I will need to re-read and start plugging some numbers into a schedule.

Matias said...

The down week is important (week 5) both mentally and physically. Periodization (buildup, buildup, overload, and recovery) is great because after logging a 70-75 mile week, going 60 is going to leave you feeling like you should have run more miles. Weeks 7 & 8 are the critical weeks, so it's important to stay focused and healthy. You may want to run the workouts during these two week on your own (rocky balboa style) so you can set the pace/goals.

And yes, carbo load. An extra serving of rice or pasta starting Monday leading up to your marathon.

Consider doing your last few runs on a tread mill to force yourself to chill on the days leading to the race... since you're only going a few miles, you'll probably feel good and start rolling when you should be chillin. Set it at 7 - 7:30 min pace and forget it.

Matias said...

One more thought... try to have an extra pair of new shoes instead of waiting to buy once your shoes wear out.

Click here for a good article on post marathon recovery.

My legs feel like they're going to buckle when I walk down stairs. I thought it was lactic acid, but it's actually micro tears in your quads. I'm thinking about getting a massage, but it's painful to gently massage my quads.

KLIM said...

Thanks for everyones help thus far.

I am almost done with my tentative schedule. I'll pass it along to a few of you via email once I am done.

I'd love to hook up with some of you for the longer training runs. I still plan on running 10-12 on Saturday at the GRC or RCP, but also plan to run my long run on Sunday...usually some place interesting that's scenic and off the road. I've got a few different loops near Riley's Lock planned. Either way, I'll post them on the blog prior to the run. I ran near Riley's on Sunday and the weather was beautiful - saw a bald eagle, 30 turtles sunning themselves on a single log and Max wandering back from a party the night before.