Saturday, March 10, 2007

Van Metre 5 Miler Results

Some fast times this morning...

1 Gurmesa Kumsa 29 WALDORF MD 25:04 25:04 5:01
2 Patrick MacAdie 23 25:09 25:08 5:02
3 Steven Crane 25 ALEXANDRIA VA 25:11 25:11 5:03
4 Eric Lavigne ASHBURN VA 25:27 25:26 5:06
5 Michael Wardian 32 ARLINGTON VA 25:53 25:52 5:11


MAX said...

Just remember that Gurmesa has two kids to feed back home. those other two guys, MacAdie and Crane are coming on strong. Lavigne is always strong as is Wardian. that is a tough course, as well.

Havegoats said...

Yeah, I am pretty impressed by Crane and MacAdie. Hats off to them.

KLIM said...

This is a preview of the St Paddy's Day 8k to play out in 2 weeks.

Wardian, if he runs, will be much faster (he ran 2:25 for 26.2 last w/e).

Add Bert Rodriquez to the mix, some of the other Pacers and maybe Ryan Mammen.