Sunday, March 11, 2007


Jake, are you still enjoying the festivities of the post race party? How did you do? M

Nice work you two- PRs! Way to bring home the hardware Jake!

1 Dave Berdan M 25 Baltimore MD 15:01
2 Joe Wiegner M 25 Germantown MD 15:06
3 Jake Klim M 26 North Bethesda MD 15:21 4:57 mile pace
4 Kevin Pool M 24 New Windsor MD 15:28
5 Will Murdoch M 22 Bel Air MD 16:02
6 Jesse Jaeger M 19 Kingsville MD 16:18
7 Patrick Blair M 25 Halethorpe MD 16:19
8 Greg Cauller M 47 York PA 16:28
9 Shawn Loper M 29 Baltimore MD 16:30
10 Chris Chattin M 43 Columbia MD 16:35
11 Justin McDowell M 20 Berwyn Heights MD 16:42
12 Mason Campbell M 16 Towson MD 16:43
13 Christiam Camacho M 28 North Bethesda MD 16:57


MAX said...

those are great times. did justin run it as well? how was the post race deal?

Havegoats said...

Justine's achilles laid him up- I don't think he planned to run.

DaveO said...

Nice job guys, I’m so jealous, can’t run to many fun road races when marathon training. I hope to be joining in the road race gtown slaughter house come summer.

KLIM said...

Thanks everyone. Christiam PR'd by 20 secs or so too.

Below is my "report"...

I ran the Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5K today in Baltimore. The goal was to either run 15:19 or finish 3rd. If it took going out in 4:45 for the first mile, I was ready to do it. I wanted to get out and compete with competition and use this race as a workout for the upcoming Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (4/1).

The race went out quick and I ducked behind Dave Berdan of Baltimore. I knew he was the favorite and I wanted to make sure I stuck near him. The first mile dips downhill and I quickly came along side Berdan before shying up and letting him take the lead. When the downhill flattened out, Berdan surged and I answered. We hit the 1st mile in 4:36 but it felt fine. Soon Berdan began to pull away. It was obvious he was comfortable and kept looking over his shoulder to see if I was going to come with him. I did but it wouldn't be for long. By mile 1.5 (a U-Turn) Berdan had a slight lead on me and I struggled to maintian contact. We hit mile 2 in a quick 9:38 (4:49 mile pace) but I still felt comfortable, yet not 100%. At 2.25 Joe Weigner came up behind me and began to lay down a surge. I responded but I was a frankly whipped by the early pace. Weigner really put the hammer on and made a good run for the finish chasing the leader Berdan. I fought hard in the last 1/2 mile but my competition oulled away. I ended up fininshing 3rd and running a PR 15:21. I won $100 for my efforts and walked away happy.

In retrospect it was a good race. The next race is the St Patrick's Day 8k in DC NEXT Sunday. It's a fast race - 23:36 won last year. I won't reveal my goal (bad karma?) but I hope to PR. Again, the big race will be the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on April 1.

Matias said...

Glad to see the hard work paying off. Good job Christiam and Jake.

MAX said...

stretch and stay limber or your glory will be short lived!