Thursday, March 15, 2007


Those running the 8k might want to work together. Jake, Jason, Philippe and Steve, not sure what your goals are? I assume Jake and Jason are planning 25:20ish and maybe Philippe, too. Steve might be high 26 or low 27.

For all of you, I suggest shooting for negative splits to finish strong and if anything, catch and pass others. maybe run, just below full throttle for 4 miles and then at the last mile, throw everything you have into it. I know Jason and Jake train together so maybe you two can hang on the heels of Bert Rodriguez and allow him to pull you along or vice versa. You probably do not want him to get too far away though, as he has a great kick.

Melissa, there are few top flight Ethiopians running it on the women's side as is Alisa Harvey. At 41 or so, she is several age groups removed from her prime and you should be in the running for 1st place.

Matt Ernst, not sure what your goal is time wise?


KLIM said...

Max - can you provide anymore klimtel (intel) on who might be running?

MAX said...

people in your league will be guys like matt wagoner, wardian, maybe mammen? gurmesa will probably come as will a few other really fast people that nobody has ever heard of and who will never run again. in a race like this, lots of fast runners usually sign up at the last minute, for some reason.


Matt Ernst said...

Max....My goal is to be happy and enjoy the beauty of the day and another day on this planet. I go out and just try to run as fast as I can...again, not that fast, but I have fun and hope there will be a chance to drink afterwards...I need to earn more Klimoholic points.

Anonymous said...

Jake while I respect you going out and sticking your nose into things it now may be better to run the race differently. I would predict what you can run and run the first two miles at that pace. I remember not really feeling it till whenever the race really got going. In an 8k, 1.5 miles from the finish. At that point I would be where I wanted to be and ready to throw in some surges etc b/c I knew I would be able to finish and finish fast from this far out. In fact many times I would run 4;55 to 5:00 min the 1st mile, which felt easy. If you are full tilt hurting a bit, out of your comfort zone you will not be able to race when the racing starts. Early in the season it pays to experimrnt and test your fitness level by going out hard. Now you should know a liitle about what you are capable of.

Havegoats said...

Feeling very strong- haven't felt this strong in a while. Hoping to start at 5:05-5:10 and run negative from there. Originally hoped to just be under 25:30, but wouldn't want to rule out 25:00-25:10 if the course really is easy.

Matias said...

Jason, you looked impressive in the tempo run last Saturday. I was definitely in the red and you looked nice and relaxed.

I'll be out there on my bike hollerin and screaming