Monday, June 30, 2008


the ultimate running Warrior, Mike Wardian made a valiant effort but was thwarted by...............

below is an excerpt from a news clip on Wardian's attempt at the treadmill world record.

SundayJune 29, 200812:00 pm - 4:00 pmPacers Running StoreOld Town Fairfax10427 North StreetFairfax, VA 22030Website: www.runpacers. comPhone: 703-537-0630Michael Wardian, 34 of Arlington, VA fell short of both the World Record of fastest the treadmill marathon of 2:21:40 and the World Record for the treadmill 50K.Wardian ran an inspiring 25.9 miles before he was forced to drop out from exhaustion.Wardian ran 2:09:15 through 24 miles (a pace of 5:23 per mile), almost 30 seconds ahead of world record pace.Wardian slowed on the 25th mile running a 5:40 mile, then inexplicitly shut the treadmill off with just over a mile to go. He apparently thought he had finished the 26.2 mile marathon.After being told there was still over a mile to go, Wardian increased the treadmill speed back up to run the last 1.2 miles. At that point, he began to stagger and was having trouble keeping his footing. At 25.9 miles he stopped the treadmill and collapsed. His time at 25.9 miles was 2:22:35. He was .3 miles short of finishing the marathon. The current world treadmill marathon record time of 2:21:40 set by Eric Blake in 2006 was threatened but not beaten.After not being able to complete the marathon, Wardian didn't attempt to continue to run for the 50K treadmill record.


Dane said...

Am I the only one who is baffled how:

1. They did not have a treadmill which went longer than an hour before shutting off.

2. How someone else wasn't at the controls to let a weary runner know when to hit the STOP button?

sheena :) said...

Wow, that's too bad. I hadn't read the story until Max posted it. Maybe next time he'll have to try for the record at GRC :)

Dane said...

Guess I was the only one!