Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Based on this most recent little debate on who the best marathoner is, etc. I think it might be good to follow some basic protocols regarding how we communicate.

Such as:

Please allow people, whoever they might be, to blog, share their opinion, etc. If you disagree with what someone is saying simply say you disagree and counter with your own thought/opinion. There is no need to get personal or take any of this personally as it is simply a platform to share ideas and running lore, etc. I enjoy some debate and discussion as I think it is healthy and brings about better ideas and allows for more inclusion from a broader audience.

If by some chance you think someone's comment or post is not appropriate, just go and talk to the person offline about it. It is probably not a good idea to speculate about the person's intentions and confront them on the Blog, etc. as this might lead to more harm than good.

We are all reasonable and thoughtful people so this should not be a problem.

Take it easy and stay cool out there.



KLIM said...


This post makes no sense. No one ever got personal and the debate was simply that, a debate.

Does this have anything to do with the fact you mispoke about the "best" post? If you feel like the "best" doesn't mean "fastest" but rather durabilty, so be it, but it seems like most on the blog disagree. End of discussion.

You changed your position and the argument around so much that it's a bit hard to follow...and everyone held you to it.

It's fine to make a point, but when someone counters that point please don't claim that the counterpoint is personal when it is surely not.

MAX said...

Jake, you misunderstand what this post was about. Its probably best that we speak offline. peace out