Monday, June 9, 2008

Running in London England...

An often forgotten landmark in London is Hampstead Heath. The grounds of the park make up over 790 acres of sprawling green.

The Heath is known for its labyrinth of paved walkways, unpaved trails and myriad of charted and uncharted paths. It also traverses many a gorgeous neighborhood. Most Londoners enjoy the Heath for its outdoor activities as well as for its ponds, playgrounds, sculptures, track/recreational center and the famous Kenwood House.

The Heath contains Parliament Hill, London’s highest point of observation that serves as a summit from where to view areas of interest. The area has an undulating terrain that makes it ideal for trail running and training. To the south it connects to Primrose Hill and from there you can run down towards the extensive canal.

I traveled through London on Saturday after the GRC run; took full advantage of a 14 hour layover to get downtown and run 12 easy miles with some friends. Decent weather: 82 degrees, low humidity and sunshine.


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