Monday, June 9, 2008


Back when I was a mere youth(OK, be quiet Max) I would follow Wilson out on the C&O Canal at mid-day when it was 100 degrees. There was a pack of us. Wilson was rather new to the scene and typically wore a sweatsuit(kidding-- but he usually wore a long sleeve top). Mind you, it was 100 degrees and humid. We were already soaked with sweat after the 2 mile warm up. We then ran what we called "death runs".---(Intense fartlek runs) -- Basically, run until you die. In retrospect, it is quite possible that someone, might easily have died considering the insanity of it all. None the less, it made me a much tougher runner over a short period of time.

I will make one more go of this sort of thing and see if the 0ld body can hang on.

Live each day like its your last.


PS. The highlight of my Sunday, aside from the morning run, was picking up a Best of the Bee Gees CD at a yard sale.


Matias said...

Ahhh, the kamikaze training philosophy... extremely effective when you nail your target/goal, but debilitating if things don't go well.

How about runs where you work hard but trick your mind into thinking "death" runs are "easy" runs?

By limiting the number of times the bottom of the well is breached, incredible improvements in endurance can be achieved with persistent/consistent training.

MAX said...

they are easy until you either get hurt or lose interest. life is complicated and has many other variables than running and sports. The more one dabbles into other aspects of our society, the less time there is too run and die. too many choices and not enough time in the day.

Matias said...

A person who makes success in living is one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it one baby step at a time. In doing so, you must be prepared to accept criticism.

We all have dreams, how great would it be to make dreams come into reality? There are no short cuts... determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort... key ingredients to fulfilling your goals whatever they may be.

MAX said...

My goal is to have as much fun on this earth before I leave it and to be true to MAX LOCKWOOD. Be You and the rest is a piece of cake.

Matias said...

That's a good start, lets expand/specify:

Goal - Have as much fun on this earth before I leave it

Who is involved? Max Lockwood
What do I want to accomplish? Have fun
Where? On this earth
When? Before I leave
Why? What are specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal?

Instead of a general "have fun" goal, what about "Have fun by attending and watching olympic trials in Eugene in July" How AWESOME would that be? Here's another goal... "Organize a Georgetown Running Team for the Reach the Beach running relay" I'd propose Hood-to-Coast in Oregon, but the logistics for Reach The Beach in New Hampshire may be a bit more convenient for DC folks.

Reach the Beach is usually the second week in September, too late for 2008, never too early to start planning for 2009.

Georgetown 8k went extremely well, maybe there's a promising race organizer among us.

havegoats said...

I gather we have an entry for RTB for this yeat if we want to use it.

P Murph said...

Entries into the River-to-Sea Relay in NJ are available until June 23rd if we want in. This isn't as big of a relay as RTB or Hood-to-Coast, but it's a LOT closer, easier to get an entry, and sooner (August 2nd). Anyone interested?

PR said...

The Maryland guys and the Penn State guys will be there, so I am definitely interested in River-to-Sea.

RM said...

PR - what Maryland guys are doing that race? I didn't realize any of them still run. I guess maybe the post-Rincon, post-Sanderson folks still have some desire.

I should also point out, Matias was the overall amateur champion at the Eagleman triathlon this past weekend. It's one of the most competitive races in the country, and the conditions, as you are all aware, were truly brutal. He placed 9th overall, so only 8 pros were ahead of him, and he took out a bunch of other pros. Great job!

KLIM said...

That's because Matias is a freakin animal.

Stellar job dude!

Matias said...

Georgetown Running turns athletes into animals.