Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Robert's photos are excellent for examining people's running Gaits and biomechanics or looking at your own, for that matter. Bain and Moeser, by the look of them, seem to be very efficient. Bain in particular seems to use his arms well to help propel him forward. Ever since I have known Philippe Rolly he has been very efficient, balanced and upright. Wilson has this kind of forward lean where he lurks forward and kind of lopes along. Wardian does not seem to be running as fast he does but he gets the job done. I believe biomechanics are really important and when they are off in anyway, injuries begin to occur. The opposite is true of course in that an injury will throw of one's biomechanics and one's running suffers.

I can tell that my gait is off as I am favoring my right side too much and my arms are wasting too much energy.

As for facial expressions and such....................

Klim has some serious facial expressions going on. Klim, were you pissed, in agony or what? Pat Murphy seems euphoric. Bain seems well, like, Bain.

Anyway, its good to be to get the closeups and do what you will with them.

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KLIM said...

I am always in pain. I wear the sunglasses to hide the fear in my eyes.